About Mission Stadiums 4 Multiple Sclerosis CharityMission Stadiums for Multiple Sclerosis (MS4MS), began in 2011 in a college apartment at Southern CT State University. The founder, Sam Greenberg, was finishing up his senior year in college when he took the leap and began the extremely difficult, yet rewarding challenge of starting a non-profit organization. In the beginning, MS4MS was just an idea that Sam shared with his family. However, this idea quickly turned into a reality when news spread around his campus. While Sam does not have MS, his grandmother (who passed away in 1986) suffered with the disease for most of her life and was the inspiration for choosing MS as the charity to connect with.

As Sam started sharing his unique idea about combining traveling to Major League Baseball stadiums and raising money for a charity, he got an overwhelming response from his peers. Not only was Sam invested in his idea, but several of his friends and classmates wanted to be a part of this journey as well. Once a week, Sam began holding meetings in his apartment where, on average, he would have 10 other people attend the meetings. Ideas were constantly being thrown around and the organization was beginning to take shape. These meetings continued for over 6 months until Sam graduated from Southern CT State University in May of 2012. With a foundation of ideas, Sam was ready to submit an application to the IRS in hopes of receiving an approval to become a tax-exempt organization.

While it took over a year to go through the approval process, MS4MS became an official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Today, MS4MS holds various events throughout the year to spread awareness for multiple sclerosis and raise money to help advance research. Raised money to MS4MS is ultimately donated to professional MS Research Centers, while also assisting those directly affected by Multiple Sclerosis.