First of all, I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to read this letter and visiting our website. I really appreciate it and I hope you become interested in the journey of MS4MS.

MS4MS was originally created to bring awareness of Multiple Sclerosis to the forefront of the sports world. A passion of mine growing up was always sports as I played soccer, basketball and baseball. I played Division II college baseball at Southern CT State University and to this day, sports has helped shape me and make me who I am.

While it is incredible what professional sports have been doing as of late to bring awareness of various causes to the forefront of the sports world, there seems to be one gap. Multiple Sclerosis Awareness. Over 2.3 million people worldwide are personally affected by MS, and that does not include family members who are also warriors by the way they support their loved ones. It is my personal mission to bring awareness of Multiple Sclerosis to the world of sports and have a weekend full of orange just like they have a pink weekend to support the very important cause of breast cancer awareness.

Professional sports and sporting stadiums specifically are the perfect public venue to bring attention to the fight that millions of people are going through every day and let them know they are not alone. Help us by #spreadingorange in stadiums across the world as we look to advance MS research in hopes of finding a cure, while assisting families in need who are affected by MS.

Whether you donate, or just wear the color orange, you are helping us make a difference and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you and let’s beat MS together!

Sam Greenberg
Founder and CEO