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“I want my fellow MS warriors to know that they should never give up and always keep moving forward. The more we talk and Spread Orange the greater the impact we have on finding a cure for MS!”

Tina Marchese, MS Warrior & Lead MS4MS Ambassador

My MS Story, by Dave Walsh

2nd Strongest Disabled Man in the World 2020 When I was 16, I joined the British Army. I traveled the world, did a tour in Iraq, was a very keen sportsman and an adventure training instructor. I left the forces after 8 years for a more stable life with my wife and kids.   Adjusting [...]

My MS Story, by Lissette Galarza

"Dear Multiple Sclerosis,   I wish I did not have you. I wish I did not feel you every day or every hour. However, thank you for making me appreciate what I have; for pushing me to do better and be better. If you could kindly leave, I would love that and appreciate it. But [...]

My MS Story, by A Hot MS (Brittany Quiroz)

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By A Hot MS (Brittany Quiroz)   Changing the Stigma of What Disability Looks Like Society is programmed to associate certain images with certain things. We learn from childhood that certain symbols identify specific occupations and specific groups of people. They can signify danger or if assistance is needed. We know […]

My MS Story, by Julie Stamm

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Julie Stamm   I was officially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (“MS”) on January 8, 2007. While I can date my symptoms back to 2001, it wasn’t until 2005 that my symptoms became too debilitating to live the life I once knew and loved. After an official diagnosis, I felt vindicated. […]

My MS Story, by Chris Dunbar

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Chris Dunbar   First, I would like to say thank you for wanting to know about my MS story and what having this disease can do if you let it take control over your body. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November of 2015 after a spinal tap was […]

My MS Story, by Kristin Pagent

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Kristin Pagent   My name is Kristin Pagent. I am 43 years old and recently retired from the Navy after 20 years. I studied opera at Northwestern University, am married to my soulmate and have two boys, 12 and 16. I am a professional singer and also teach piano, strings, […]

My MS Story, by Michael Weiss

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Michael Weiss   I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 after many years of mysterious symptoms. I don’t exactly remember when the symptoms started and over the years many symptoms that I now believe were due to my MS (numbness, tingling, pain, vertigo, etc) were written off to pinched […]

My MS Story, by Kelly Esposito-Broelmann

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Kelly Esposito-Broelmann   “Your lumbar puncture tested positive for Multiple Sclerosis.” Words no one ever wants to hear. In that moment, my whole world came crashing down around me. This must be a mistake…I can’t have MS…I’m a mom, a business owner, a teacher…I have a long life to live […]

My MS Story, by Melinda McCartney

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Melinda McCartney   I was diagnosed at the age of 34 with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I had come from a life comprised of an over 10-year career of Firefighter/paramedic, HAZMAT and Weapons of Mass Destruction Training via the Department of Homeland Security, to one day going completely blind and […]

My MS Story, by Jodi Johnson

My Multiple Sclerosis Story  By Jodi Johnson   My name is Jodi. Yellow is my favorite color, I laugh at my own jokes so hard you can’t hear the punch line, and I am known for my world-famous gluten & dairy free pumpkin bread. I am married with two children, ages 9 and 6, and […]